Events To Come See Us At!

Here is a list of events we are confirmed to be attending in 2023!

  • Gay Days at Disney World, Orlando Florida!  -  June 1st-4th

  • Kansas City Pride, Kansas City Missouri!  -  June 9th-11th

  • Chicago Pride, Chicago Illinois!  -  June 17th-18th

  • Denver Pride Festival, Denver Colorado!  -  June 24th-25th

  • St. Louis Pride Festival, St. Louis Missouri!  -  June 24th-25th

  • Anime Midwest, Chicago Illinois!  -  July 6th-9th

  • Anime ConBin, St. Louis Missouri!  July 15th-16th

  • Chicago Fan Expo, Chicago Illinois!  -  August 10th-13th

  • Tails and Tornados, Tulsa Oklahoma!  -  September 1st-3rd

  • Orlando Florida MegaPlex Furcon, Orlando Florida!  -  September 15th-17th